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How to Encourage Scar Reduction with Essential Oils

Health Description A scar is the resulting blemish as the skin repairs itself after a wound from an accident, a disease or surgery.  The more intrusive or rough the wound typically the more visible the scar.  As a wound heals the area will be red and may thicken at first.  With time the visible scarring will diminish.  Essential oils will help the body in this natural process of healing and will promote repair of tissue to its original condition.

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Understanding Aneurysms and Essential Oils

Health Description An aneurysm is an abnormal swelling or bulging of a weakened blood vessel. These may be small and slow in developing with no noticeable symptoms or larger, faster developing requiring immediate emergency medical intervention with a risk of death. The most common locations for aneurysms are in the aorta, which is the major artery from the left ventricle of the heart or a cerebral aneurysm, which is the widening of an artery in the brain. The aortic aneurysm is described as thoracic if it occurs in the upper aorta and abdominal if it occurs in the lower aorta.

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Making Sense of Anemia (Iron Deficiency)

woman tired from anemia

Health Description   Anemia is a condition marked by a deficiency of red blood cells or of hemoglobin in the blood, resulting in pallor and weariness. There are different types of anemia such as iron deficiency anemia, vitamin deficiency anemia, Sickle cell anemia etc. Symptoms of anemia are fatigue, appearing pale, heart palpitations, and short of breath. Those with iron deficiency anemia will often require iron supplements.

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Dealing With Alzheimer’s by Using Essential Oils

Alzheimers Disease puzzle pieces

Health Description Alzheimer’s disease is the most common disease leading to the symptoms of dementia.  These symptoms include loss of memory, language skills, judgment, social skills and other functions of the brain to the point that the loss interferes with a person’s normal functioning.  A person may exhibit changes in mood and social behavior with dementia.  Loss of memory alone is not regarded as dementia but rather when there is a loss of at least two of the major brain functions.

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Adrenal Disorders and Adrenal Fatigue

Health Description Each person has two adrenal glands, one on the top of each kidney.  These small glands secrete a number of hormones that are critical to our well-being.  Adrenaline affects blood pressure, heart rate, and sweating; mineralocorticoids affect blood pressure plus the levels of salts and potassium in the body.  Other hormones control how fats, proteins, and carbohydrates are used plus male sex functions.  Cortisol is also produced by the adrenal glands and has a number of important functions including helping the body deal with stress.

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Adenoid Hypertropy

Health Description Adenoids are similar to the tonsils in being gland of lymph-like tissue in or near the back of the throat.  Tonsils are visible in the back of the throat on each side of the uvula while the adenoids are not typically visible through the mouth and are situated high in the back of the throat, behind the roof of the mouth about even with the nose.  Enlarged adenoids can cause difficulty in breathing, may affect the ears, speech may be altered, and may include a sore throat.  The breathing difficulty can result in snoring and loss of sleep with resulting chronic exhaustion and irritability.  Typically adenoids, like tonsils, diminish in size as children mature.

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Dealing With Addictions Naturally By Using Essential Oils

addiction dictionary word

Health Description Addiction is a dependence on a substance or behavior that appears necessary to preserve what appears as normalcy in disregard to the adverse consequences.  Addictions include a number of substances such as drugs, alcohol, tobacco, pharmaceuticals as well as less threatening substances such as pop, chocolate, sugars, or even food itself.  Also considered addictive are certain behavioral items such as gambling, sex, internet and other habits that cannot be controlled and may develop a psychological dependency.