Essential Oils

Arnica Essential Oil

arnicaThe plant is commonly called leopard’s bane. The essential oil is extracted from its flowers and its roots using steam distillation. This oil can be applied with a carrier oil on bruises and sprains. It may help relieve pain when placed diluted on the skin if the skin is not broken. Never to be used internally because of toxic levels. It may help improve blood flow when applied topically and may help warm the body. It may help relieve rheumatic pain.



Botanical Name: Arnica montana
Aroma Description: strong bitter scent, some say it has some resemblance to pine and sage
Properties: Anti-inflammatory, stimulant, vulnerary
Uses: Aromatically and topically on unbroken skin


I was having knee problems, I used this for a couple weeks and pain is gone. – Jen F.

This product works well on arthritic joints. It’s properties can help relax muscles! It is great for massage. Simply add a few drops to your lotion in your hand then apply the lotion and oil blend during a massage. – Yuien G.

I love this oil. It is good for fragile fingernails because it helps with dried and peeling cuticles, and softening chapped hands and dry heels on your feet. – Linda H.

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