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The Top Essential Oils for Back Pain Massage


Health Description The spinal column is where many types of back pain is associated.  It is a major structural member of our human anatomy. The spinal column also contains the spinal cord which is a the main part of the central nervous system. The central nervous system is a conduit for communication between the peripheral nervous system (namely the limbs, organs, and glands) and the brain. Back pain can come from any injury or disease in the disks, spinal cord, or vertebrae. When injury or disease happens to the spin it can lead to incorrect function or “mixed signals” to the other parts of the nervous system and thus the whole body. Below is a list of names of common back problems. Muscle Strain Muscles in the back can become strained from heavy lifting, awkward lifting, repeated uncomfortable back positions, over exertion, a fall or other type of accident. These…

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Athlete’s Foot & How Essential Oils May Help Get Rid of It


Health Description Athlete’s foot, various types of ringworm, and jock itch are all skin related fungal infections. Athlete’s foot.  Athlete’s foot is caused by a type of fungi called dermatophytes.  There are three types of athlete’s foot.  In any of the three types of athlete’s foot, especially if the fungal infection causes open sores, an added complication of a simultaneous bacterial infection may occur.  The three type are: The most common is the between the toes (most often the fourth and fifth toes) and is accompanied by peeling or cracked skin with burning and itching.  Tight shoes and socks with a warm, damp environment enables the fungus. Trichophyton rubrum fungus causes moccasin type athlete’s foot.  In this case it usually begins with soreness of the feet then the sole of the foot can become dry, thick, and scaly.  In difficult cases the infection can move to the toenails. The least common,…

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Asthma & How Aromatherapy May Help Reduce Symptoms

asthma inhaler man

Health Description Asthma is a complex bronchial disorder with a wide variety of root causes.  Simply described an asthma attack occurs as the air passageways become inflamed and muscles may contract both of which limit the air being taken into the lungs.  As the body tries to compensate for this loss wheezing, coughing, excess mucus or other signs of shortness of breath occur.  Symptoms can also be complicated by previous medications used to treat the problem.

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How Aromatherapy may Help Reduce Feelings of Anxiety


Health Description The definition of Anxiety is a feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease, typically about an imminent event or something with an uncertain outcome. Anxiety can come about after stressful events. Because of these past events anxiety may be triggered by any future related events. For some, a word, a song, a person, a place, or thing can trigger anxiety if it relates to a stressful or traumatic event in their past. Some anxiety can be “untrained” and prevented. Some symptoms of anxiety can be reduced by using essential oils and aromatherapy.

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Health Description Antispasmodics are drugs, herbs or oils that aid in the relief of muscles that contract, cramp or spasm out of control. One type of antispasmodics are those that aid the smooth muscles of the body, especially those associated with the gastrointestinal tract. Another type are those that aid the skeletal muscles such as leg cramps or back pain. To see specific oils and helps go to the specific type of muscle dysfunction pages elsewhere on this website.

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How Aromatherapy may Help Relieve Anorexia

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Health Description Anorexia (anorexia nervosa) is a mental condition and eating disorder wherein the person becomes obsessed with their weight. This happens most often in teenage and young adult  females although there are instances of males and older adults also suffering. The technical definition includes being consistently 15% under the normal body weight for the height, a fear of being overweight, an unusual preoccupation with body shape and with a female missing three consecutive regular menstrual cycles.

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How to Encourage Scar Reduction with Essential Oils


Health Description A scar is the resulting blemish as the skin repairs itself after a wound from an accident, a disease or surgery.  The more intrusive or rough the wound typically the more visible the scar.  As a wound heals the area will be red and may thicken at first.  With time the visible scarring will diminish.  Essential oils will help the body in this natural process of healing and will promote repair of tissue to its original condition.